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[maintenance] Removed Dropbox links

I went through all my game catalog and removed all links to Dropbox.  Those old games have been moved to Github now.  This affects mostly old Flash and Html5 games that I made some years ago. Once upon a time, … Continue reading

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Löve2D documentation for offline browsing

Some days ago I was looking for some way to quickly check the documentation for some of the languages / frameworks that I use, specially when I am offline.  I came across Zeal, which integrates well with many text editors.  … Continue reading

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Because this is literally… videos

As you might know, there’s this game I published almost a year ago called “Because this is literally the best we could come up with: retribution“.  Over time, a few youtubers have made videos of the game.  The fact that … Continue reading

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Löve2d utils: livecode & vector

These are two small lua utilities that I wrote myself, which I find extremely useful when I’m writing games with Löve2D.  I guess you could call them “libraries”.  I think that they could be useful to other developers, so I’ve … Continue reading

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[maintenance] renamed some old posts

I’ve always taken care to classify the posts properly by tagging them with the right category label.  At the right side of the blog you can see all the categories and how many posts are available under each one.  Single … Continue reading

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[abandoned] Wordphoto

In May 2013 I attended the second Processing Code Jam, organized by some friends in collaboration with Open Tech School.  It’s a similar concept to our Berlin Mini Game Jam, with the difference that the focus, instead of games, is … Continue reading

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Eight Interpretations of Plumber Brothers

Let’s say that you attend a game jam and a theme is selected, and the theme is… I don’t know… “Portals”, for example.  So, what do you do?  What game do you make? Some people draw inspiration from games they … Continue reading

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Random Game Jam Theme Generator

I saw in the statistics of this blog that someone arrived here with that exact search string. I thought that would only take me 20 minutes to quickly hack a simple web page that would spit game jam themes, so … Continue reading

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Running Brushes update

I was going to edit the last post, but I’ll make a new post instead. Since at least one person has expressed interest in the running brushes mini-app (thank you Qubodup!), I’ve taken a couple of afternoons last week updating … Continue reading

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How GunFu was done

Someone asked me how did I make GunFu Deadlands.  This is a short post about this. I came up with the idea during the BIGjam’09. Until then, I had always failed to finish any of my game projects.  The reason … Continue reading

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