The Quest of the Daisy Flower

Usually at the Berlin Mini Game Jam we select not one, but three themes.  The idea is that the themes should serve as inspiration, and some participants might not be very inspired by the most voted theme.  When that happens, they have two more themes to choose from.  Sometimes, the inspiration comes from trying to combine all three themes into one… “for maximum effect!”.  And if they don’t like any of the themes, they can just “ignore them and do something completely different”.  These are our two recurring jokes.

At the December 2018 Mini Game Jam, the themes were:

  • we found something in the desert
  • accept the bugs, embrace the bugs, love the bugs
  • Happy birthday, Saskia!

Our team, with Galina illustrating, and me writing some words on Twine, took inspiration from Sergei Eisenstein’s classic film “Battleship Potemkin” and decided to tell the glorious story of another battleship: the цветок ромашка (Daisy Flower).  The title of the game is “The Quest of the Daisy Flower“.

Important note: every passage has text and links.  If you don’t see them, scroll down.

( Clarification about the third theme: one of the jammers, Saskia, had her birthday that day and brought cookies for everyone.  We were so happy that her birthday wishes made it into the top-3 voted themes of the jam. )


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