Division by Zero

This is a game that was started at the Game Jam that took place in the Game Science Center in Berlin, in June 2016. It was in the context of the Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften (Long night of the sciences). The theme of the jam was “Science”. One month later, at the July 2016 Berlin Mini Game Jam, we continued working on it.

It is a story, written in Twine, about a scientist that one day divides by zero and gets sent to a fantasy land inhabited by anthropomorphic animals. His mission, is to find the way back home. The delightful sketches that illustrate each passage were drawn by Marthe Rosenow. The concept of the story was also hers. The texts were written by me.

At this point, the story (text) is finished. The sketches for 2/3 of the game are also there. Unfortunately, there was not enough time to complete 100% of the sketches.  My fault: I got carried away and wrote a lot of text, too much for the time limit that we had.

Note: every passage has links to continue at the bottom. Depending on your browser resolution, you might not see it at first. If so, please scroll down or use the zoom function of the browser to make everything smaller, so that it fits.


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