Satan Summoning Simulator

The theme for the Global Game Jam 2016 was “Ritual”.  During the brainstorming phase, Arisa Matzanke (game design) and Alpha Rats (graphics) pitched an idea I found interesting enough, even if it’s a straight forward interpretation of the theme:  combine items to summon Satan.  The player would be presented with an initial set of items, that combined would produce new items, until reaching at some point the necessary items to perform the final invocation.  I joined them as the coder of the team.

We recruited Kirill Krysov to help with the graphics, since this game would have a lot of graphical content, and Cédric Douhaire offered to make some music for our game.  During the jam, we also recruited Ruth Bosch for designing a cool logo.  It might have been one of the biggest jam-teams I’ve been in, but it worked pretty well: there was enough work for all of us to do.

As usual, I used Löve2D, so that the implementation, code-wise, was simple and straight forward, with also multi-platform support out-of-the-box with no extra effort required.

The game has three different endings, one of them being the Satan Summoning.  The other two, you will have to find yourself.  The game is played completely with the mouse (or finger, if you play the Android version).  Besides, in the desktop version, you can exit the game by pressing ESC any time, switch between windowed and full-screen with F1, or reset the game with F5.

The game is available for free at Google PlayPlease do not download the version from the project page at the Global Game Jam website.  It’s still an older version with some bugs and missing features, and we’re not allowed to update the game any more in there.  In this post you can find the proper download links for the latest version, for all desktop platforms (64 bits) as well as the Android APK.  The Löve file is also provided if you don’t find your platform there, it has been tested on versions 0.9 and 0.10 of the engine.

Have fun!



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