This is the game we made at the Berlin Mini Game Jam October 2015.  Starting from a basic game concept from Norman Ritter, we teamed up with Denice Wagner and Tommy Friese and made this game with Löve2D.  Our description of the game is “local multiplayer abstract infinite runner survival game”.

It’s a game about avoiding obstacles of your same color.  You can control your own shape, becoming narrower or wider.  When you are narrow, the speed increases, making it harder to dodge the coming obstacles but easier to pass through the gaps, and vice-versa.  The game can be played by up to 4 players at the same time, the single player mode being a practice mode.  With more players, it’s about who survives the longest.  Visually, the running tracks of each player are overlaid on top of each other, adding a bit of confusion but also making the game more fun.  It supports gamepad controllers as well as keyboard input.

The music is the song “Master of the universe”, by Alpha boy’s album Heroes on tape.  Graphic design by Denice and Tommy.




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