Löve2D documentation for offline browsing

Some days ago I was looking for some way to quickly check the documentation for some of the languages / frameworks that I use, specially when I am offline.  I came across Zeal, which integrates well with many text editors.  The idea is simple: you highlight the keyword you want to look up, press “F1”, and you get directed to the corresponding page.  Zeal provides a quite big list of documentation bundles, called “docsets”, but one for Löve2D is missing.  However, it is relatively easy to create one yourself, provided you have the documentation already in HTML format.

So, I downloaded the Löve2D wiki as a zipfile, using the link provided in the wiki itself, and spent a couple of days massaging the files until they appear in a format that is better fitting for this purpose.

If you are using Löve2D on a regular basis and you’re tired of the typical “copy text -> open browser -> go to google -> paste -> click search -> click on the first result -> maybe I still need to navigate the wiki a bit more to find the info that I’m looking for”, this might be helpful to you.

Docsets, however, have a predefined set of possible “categories” in which to classify your pages, as you’re building the internal database.  I’ve tried my best to fit the wiki categories into those, but sometimes I couldn’t find a good match: for example, the tutorials are in the “Annotations” category since I couldn’t find anything better, or the information about the different versions of Löve2D are in the “Packages” category since there was no “Versions” category.

The docset might or might not work on similar software that also uses the format (like Velocity or Dash), but I haven’t had a chance to try it.

I hope you find this useful.


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