Day and night

A procedurally generated platformer with 371 levels.

This is the game I made together with Kirill Krysov at the Berlin Mini Game Jam on August 2014.  The theme was “Day and night”, and so is the title of the game.

The first idea was to make a game where the protagonist turns into a werewolf at night and can move faster and jump higher, while during the day, as a human, doesn’t have so much agility but can manipulate objects.  After a bit more brainstorming, we changed the metaphor into a would-be artist: during the night he’s more inspired and can reach further, creatively, while during the day he’s more focused and uses his tools more effectively.  We soon realized that forcing a pre-configured day/night cycle would be limiting to us, so instead we introduced a mechanic where the player can switch between the two states by looking itself in front of a “magic” miror.

The game is a platformer, the goal of each level being collecting all 4 items.  There are no hazards that can harm you, nor is there anything to attack, it’s only about navigating each level and locating the objects (you can use the “shift” key or the gamepad’s shoulder buttons to help you with that).

We spent the jam laying out the basic platforming engine and adding graphics to it, but when it came the time to start designing the levels, we hit a roadblock: none of us two had the energy to do it at the time.  As a solution to that problem, I have spent a few days creating procedurally generated levels.  The layout of the levels is fixed, the game features auto-save (you can continue where you left if you quit the game and launch it again), and a level selector (when you finish a level, another one is unlocked), and there are 371 of them.  Some of them trivially easy to solve, others a bit more laborious.  All of them can be finished, yet if you get stuck at some point you can skip that one and come back to it later.

The game is made with Löve2D and supports gamepads as well as keyboard controls.  The sounds/music can be turned off in the menu, as well as fullscreen/windowed mode.  The song is called “Her name is Cindy“, by Noisy Sundae (CC-BY-NC-SA).  As kind of a joke I wanted to use Comic Sans for the game’s font, but since the copyright of this font is unclear, I’ve used a similar one called “Cecily“, by someshinzz, which is freeware and commercial use is allowed.

Have fun

Day and Night screenshot

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