[abandoned] turnbas

This was a little experiment that I did around December 2013, according to the logs.  I was taking a break in-between projects.  I had been playing some Puzzlescript games, which I really enjoyed, and I was also trying to get into roguelikes, a genre that I’ve always felt a bit inaccessible to the uninitated.  Some new games were appearing at the time that took some of the elements of roguelikes but simplified them; some people called these simpler roguelike-inspired games “roguelites”.  On top of that, I was a little bit frustrated with the amount of work that goes into producing the content that a game requires, and I wanted to do something where I could just concentrate in writing code without having to think about content at all.  Interestingly enough I still feel a bit like that these days.

In this context, I started playing around with some basic mechanics of block-pushing, starting with the basic rules for block movement from Sokoban.  I left aside the puzzle part of it, and instead looked at the turn-based nature of roguelikes.  I only spent a couple of days with this project; I would just add mechanics to a basic skeleton and see what would come out of that, as opposed to having a specific goal to achieve with the development process.  In other words, this is a game more for my own entertainment as a programmer than enjoyable to a possible player.  Interestingly enough, the result is not far from a game I used to enjoy a lot when I was a child: Beast.

The time came to go back to “normal work” and leave this little experiment on the side.  I toyed with the idea of introducing some sort of procedural generation for the levels, but never got started with it.  The game as it is now is playable until the end, in the sense that it’s possible to win (by crushing/blowing all the beasts), and it’s possible to lose (by being touched by a beast, blown by a bomb or jumping into lava).  But there isn’t much depth to it.

You will need Löve2D 0.9.x to play the game.


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