[abandoned] Discoveralia

This is one of the oldest projects still surviving in my disk.  The only time I’ve tried to participate in the Ludum Dare, and a huge failure.  This was back in December 2010.  Ludum Dare 19’s theme was “Discovery”, if I remember correctly.  I decided to do a platformer game.  Nothing to collect or to do except reaching the end of the map.

It was one of the first times I used HTML5.  I was learning how the canvas works, and the rest I’d learn as I go.  At the time, too, I was actively avoiding using grids or tilemaps.  I had grown tired of them everywhere, I thought that it made things too regular, too artificial.  Inmersion-breaking.  You can see examples of this point of view in many of the games I was doing at the time.  Nowadays I have kind of embraced the advantages of tile maps, in terms of how easier it is to manage the complexity of developing a game, yet I see value in taking the extra effort to hide the fact that the internal representation of the virtual space is still a grid.  For this particular one, I went with pixel-based collision detection.

The idea was to allow the possibility to draw levels directly on a paint program (e.g. Gimp) and load them in the game.  The player would be able to walk inside your picture.  I had the code finished, but when it came to actually sit in front of the paint program and starting to draw maps, I lost all interest.  To me, the coding part of the game is always more interesting than producing content.  Up to this day, how hard it is to motivate myself to create content is still a problem.

So, today I release the unfinished game.  It has only one single level that can’t be “finished” (there is no proper ending), and I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’ll never draw the goddamn other levels the game needs, even though the code necessary to accomodate that is in place.  Moreover, the existing level is only a “debug level”, in the sense that it’s designed for the sole purpose of testing the features of the game, but it’s not even interesting on itself.

Anyway, here it is.


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