[maintenance] renamed some old posts

I’ve always taken care to classify the posts properly by tagging them with the right category label.  At the right side of the blog you can see all the categories and how many posts are available under each one.  Single posts usually belong to many categories, e.g. “Finished Games”, “JamGames” and “Löve2D”.

One of these categories is “Abandoned Projects”.  There I put the ones that do not belong to “Finished Games”.  That is, concepts and prototypes for games where I didn’t get to implement the core feature that I wanted to explore, and subsequently I also didn’t do any polish at all.  Often, they are not finishable games, in the sense that there is no way to win or lose because not even that was implemented, even if it was initially planned.

The problem is, the WordPress template I use doesn’t show clearly enough which categories each post belongs to.  I would like to have it in big letters next to the post title, but it’s instead displayed in the tiny print at the bottom of the post.  So, if you’re casually browsing this blog, it might be difficult to tell the difference between games of mine that you can play and maybe even enjoy, and concepts that never were explored fully.  I’m still posting them because I don’t want to just delete the repository and pretend they never happened, even though I’m not going to work on them any more.

For this reason, I’ve modified the titles of all the posts belonging to that category, prepending the word “[abandoned]” to them, so that now you can clearly see what is not meant to be a full game.

One additional reason is that I’m planning to publish a bunch more of them over the coming days, and I want these to be marked clearly.

Have fun!

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