The incredible and mysterious adventure of Unekins the Unicorn

This is the game Kirill Krysov and myself made together at the Berlin Mini Game Jam on December 2014.  The theme we based it on was “rainbows”.

Right from the beginning, we knew that if it was going to be a game about rainbows, it had to have unicorns.  We were having a bit of trouble thinking about interesting game mechanics for a potential game, so we decided to discard that and do a purely story-based game.  While Kirill was creating the illustrations for the different characters I was coming up with, I concentrated on writing the story using Twine.

Telling anything about what the story is about would spoil all the fun, so just go ahead and play it.  It was very satisfying when we showed it in front of the audience: I think they were quite entertained.

Have fun!


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