On February 2013 I participated in the BeMyApp hackathon organized in Berlin.  I teamed up with Ramin Soleymani, coorganizer of the Creative Coding Jam and Science Hack Day Berlin; Nate Weeks, founder of Ten Foiled Hats and creator of the ios game Darkin; Astrid Bin, who does a lot of things, I guess I’ll call her “multimedia artist”; and Lorenzo Pilia, responsible among other things of localmultiplayer.com and the regular Talk & Play event in Berlin.

We decided to make a local multiplayer game for mobile phones.  Ramin and myself taking the role of developers, we went for Android, since that platform is closer to our field of expertise.  As framework, we used Processing, which is a java-based framework for creative coding, and exports easily  to Android.  Astrid and Nate took the responsibility for the graphic design, and Lorenzo acted as project manager.

If you want to know what the game is about, I think that the game talks by itself.  Give it a try with your friends.

We were fortunate enough to win the competition, but afterwards it was impossible to continue development since each one of us got busy with our own respective lives and it never got finished properly.  It’s sadly the typical outcome of such events, specially when a not-so-small team is involved.  With the permission of my teammates, I’ve taken a couple of days to fix a couple of bugs that were left ( mostly, the behaviour of the “back” and “home” buttons ) and I’m publishing it on itch.io ( where donations are welcome ), and in the Google Play store ( since you probably don’t want to download an apk from a website ).  Take a look!

Dupes googleplay_badge itchio_badge

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