Reload, reload!

At the Berlin Mini Game Jam of May 2014 we formed a team with Fabian Gerhardt and Iwan Gabovitch and built this game with Löve2D.

It’s a caries survival rail shooter.  You are trapped in Candyland.  The game is played in mouth perspective (that is, first person from inside your mouth), and there’s hordes of sweets coming to get your teeth.  You can shoot dentists at them with your dentist shotgun, which has to be reloaded after every shot.

The controls are a bit unusual.  Shooting is done with the left mouse button.  To reload you have to move the mouse back and forth.  To aim, we’ve mapped the keyboard layout to the direction.  That is, if you press, for example, the keys in the leftmost column (“q”, “a”, “1”, “f1”), you will be aiming at the left edge of the screen.  If you press the ones in the right column (“p”,”0″,”f12″, “.”), you will be aiming at the right edge of the screen.  Everything in between are intermediate positions between these two extremes.  We’re not sure how well does this map with different international layouts, and we apologize if this is causing problems to our international audience (but we couldn’t test it reliably, all we can do is to cross our fingers).

The song is called “blop”, made by Maf, and licensed as Creative Commons – Atribution.

Fabian and myself wrote the code, Iwan created the graphics and located the sound on CC / Opensource-friendly online collections.

I’m providing the love file in the downloads section, if you have any problem running the game, install the Löve2D engine on your computer ( versions 0.8.0 to 0.9.1 are supported ) and you should be able to run the binaries, or the love file in the worst case.


Reload, Reload!


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