Not a haiku

On July 2013, as a collaboration with Lorenzo from OpenTechSchool and Astrid, we organized what we nicknamed “Twinejam“.  The goal was to introduce new people to the joys of game making by showing them the wonderful tool called Twine.

Since I was organizing the event and making sure that everyone was having a great time, I didn’t have much time to make a game myself.  I was also helping my friend Edu from Tictaptoe with some macros for showing/hiding links based on timeouts (you should play the game he made too).  I got interested in those macros and made a not-game called “Not a haiku”.

I took inspiration from the poet Joan Brossa, his concept of “visual poems”, although what I attempted was a bit different.  The exercise for me was to suggest images with words.  It’s an exploration game.  I could only spend little more than one hour with this, but I still like the result.

Not a haikuAll games are HTML, they run in your browser.

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