[abandoned] Together Alone

“Together Alone” was one of the runner-up theme suggestions during the September 2013 Berlin Mini Game Jam.  I had a nice idea, unfortunately it was too ambitious for a short time jam.  I took it as an opportunity to exercise my “engine building” skills, and see if I could build some basic stuff in a short period.  Reusing some cold from old projects and experience gained, I tried to see how far could I come in only 8 hours.

The concept of the game is three friends who are wandering in a big forest, looking for a little bit of adventure.  They would talk with each other, the player controlling one of them, and sometimes they would fight (verbally) with each other.  Your job was to keep peace and the group together, since only together the kids could survive against the dangers of the wilderness.

What I had time to do is just the kids walking around the forest, your friends following you everywhere, in a single screen.  After some time one of them gets annoyed and leaves, and some time later the other one, leaving you alone.

Even though I like the idea, I won’t have any time to develop it currently, so I decided to publish it in the “Abandoned projects” section and move on.  Who knows? Maybe one day I’ll be able to come back to it.

The game was written in Löve2D, using graphics from OpenGameArt.  I won’t bother to create executables, for there is no real game to play.  If you’re interested, I provide the .love file that you can play using Löve2D 0.8.0.

togetheralone_sshotYou move with the cursor keys.

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