[abandoned] Zombie Pusher

It’s been a while since I updated this blog for the last time.  Like everyone else, I guess, I have a tendency to start projects and then move on to the next thing.  Such is the nature of prototyping.

Zombie Pusher was made during a hackathon organized by eBay in Berlin, back in April 2013.  The task was to gamify the eBay API, that is: to come up with some simple game concept that would use the API.  In my team, I got in charge of implementing the client-side game, while my partner would write a web service that connected to eBay and get data about running auctions that we would use somehow in our game.

In the beginning my partner suggested to make some basic RPG-like game, using a library called RPGjs.  But just to figure out how to use that would take a while.  Because the time was very limited (we had like 6 hours of effective time, if I remember correctly), I decided pretty soon to fire Tululoo and hack something quickly with graphics downloaded from OpenGameArt.  It’s a rather simple game, if it can be called a game at all, where you go around pushing zombies and avoiding getting pushed by them.  I generally don’t like to use zombies in games (because I’m just tired of them), but I didn’t want to spend time browsing to find other graphics, and those zombie sprites was the first thing that came out on the search.

We couldn’t get the integration between the game and the server on time for the deadline.  As often happens, some last-minute bug would freeze the game.  What I’m sharing here is the client-side game, without the integration with the auction data.

The music is by Kevin MacLeod (“Greko Sketch” is the title of the song), the character graphics from the user Curt and the tileset used for the background graphics from daneeklu (I think I used Tiled to create the background from the tiles)

Zombie Pusher

Instructions: move with the cursor keys.

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