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79 Levels

The third edition of the 0 hour jam took place on the 26th October 2013.  Organized by Sos Sosowski, the concept is to make a game during the leap hour that we have when the clocks are readjusted to the … Continue reading

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Not a haiku

On July 2013, as a collaboration with Lorenzo from OpenTechSchool and Astrid, we organized what we nicknamed “Twinejam“.  The goal was to introduce new people to the joys of game making by showing them the wonderful tool called Twine. Since … Continue reading

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Bye World

Update 15th October 2018: I found out today that this game is broken.  In the browser, it does not run any more.  A quick look with the browser debugging tools tells me there is some error when loading a font … Continue reading

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[abandoned] Together Alone

“Together Alone” was one of the runner-up theme suggestions during the September 2013 Berlin Mini Game Jam.  I had a nice idea, unfortunately it was too ambitious for a short time jam.  I took it as an opportunity to exercise … Continue reading

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[abandoned] Zombie Pusher

It’s been a while since I updated this blog for the last time.  Like everyone else, I guess, I have a tendency to start projects and then move on to the next thing.  Such is the nature of prototyping. Zombie … Continue reading

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