[abandoned] Traitor Soldier

I’m posting this in the “abandoned projects” section.

We organized a game jam at the closing of the Indie Connect festival in Berlin, in April 2013.  Since it was the last day after 3 intense days, I was low on energy.  The Ludum Dare was taking place at the same time, and some of the attendees to our jam used the time to work on their Ludum Dare entry.  In parallel, we also got some themes for those who wanted to do the regular jam.  I don’t remember all of the themes, but the one I based my game on was “Traitor”.

So, after a lot of thinking about it, I came up with the idea of having two armies fighting against each other.  You have your squat of soldiers and have to annihilate the enemies, simple as that.  The twist is that you control only one soldier at a time, and the rest of the squat will be shooting each other while you don’t have direct control.  I spent a couple hours making a basic prototype. I wasn’t happy with it.  For me the main problem was the setting, soldiers shooting each other.  The positive side is how fast I was able to build the prototype.

You control the green ones and have to kill the orange ones, using cover intelligently.  The one you have selected is controlled with the arrow keys and you shoot with “x” in the direction you’re facing (which is the last direction you walked towards).  With “c” you can select the next alive soldier in the list.  You can also select soldiers by clicking them with the mouse pointer.  The game doesn’t restart if you reach the end, you’ll have to reload the page.

It was made with Tululoo.

Traitor Soldier

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