[abandoned] Wordphoto

In May 2013 I attended the second Processing Code Jam, organized by some friends in collaboration with Open Tech School.  It’s a similar concept to our Berlin Mini Game Jam, with the difference that the focus, instead of games, is in creative coding.  That is, artistically interesting applications using frameworks like Processing, Cinder, OpenFrameworks, etc.

One of the themes was “The color of sound”, if I remember correctly.  My idea was to make a simple application where a short audio clip would be recorded from the microphone and then some visuals procedurally generated, using as seed some information that would be extracted from an analysis of the audio.  That is, you could say a word into the microphone, and the application would take a “photo” of it.  Since we’re talking about words, a typical measure to use in these cases is the Mel Cepstrum, which has been used traditionally for voice recognition algorithms.

After a bit of testing, it became clear that the application is more fun if it’s continuously rendering visuals in real time instead of the “photo” concept.

Word Photo

In order to try this application, you need to follow the instructions in the readme file which is provided at the Github repository.

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4 Responses to [abandoned] Wordphoto

  1. qubodup says:

    Glad you’re posting this! I was wondering what I had missed at that jam…
    I’m gonna give it a try. Very excited to read that you used a audio generation lib.
    As to your distribution statement in the readme: I usually use github and then provide downloadables via box.net links. Still beats using other project hosting solutions in my book.

  2. qubodup says:

    It took a while for me to figure out where to put beads.

    My first attempt to run looked like this 🙂 http://i.imgur.com/AvSMyUm.png

    Then this happens. I’m using Arch Linux 64bit with ALSA (rather than PulseAudio).

    OpenGL error 1280 at bot beginDraw(): invalid enumerant
    JavaSoundAudioIO: Chosen mixer is SB [plughw:0,0].
    at processing.mode.java.runner.Runner.findException(Runner.java:925)
    at processing.mode.java.runner.Runner.reportException(Runner.java:870)
    at processing.mode.java.runner.Runner.exceptionEvent(Runner.java:813)
    at processing.mode.java.runner.Runner$2.run(Runner.java:699)

    Oh well, might be a configuration issue. I should try this on my 32bit netbook.

  3. Christiaan says:

    I’m not sure if it’s worth the effort to host binaries somewhere else for such a project. I usually put them in Dropbox in these cases. One of these days I’m going to run out of space in that account, hahaha. Well, at least they don’t charge money…

    Apparently your crash is due to the OpenGL drivers. A quick google search suggests just updating them.
    If that doesn’t fix it, you can disable hardware acceleration in the sketch by changing line 13 in wordphoto.pde, where it says “size(displayWidth,displayHeight,P2D);”, remove the “P2D” parameter so that it says “size(displayWidth,displayHeight);”. That should fix it (but it will probably affect the performance :P).

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