[abandoned] Jolly Joy

This is a game that I started together with Michael Kessler on our September 2012 Berlin Mini Game Jam , with the theme “One button fighting”.  The idea was to make a 2-player, same-screen, 1-button game.  Each player controls one ship that fires automatically, dodging the bullets of the other player and trying to hit him.

Unfortunately, I spent too much time setting up some basic engine in SDL, which I didn’t even finish because I got carried away in technical details, and didn’t put enough effort in designing the gameplay properly.  The game as it stands is not very fun at all, because I started throwing “powerups” into the game without thinking about how they would affect the whole experience.  Later on, I wanted to keep on working on it, but I got sidetracked with other projects, plus working on it on myself was hard because I would need a second player to playtest changes, sitting next to me.

That’s why I decided to abandon this project that never got anywhere interesting.  I’m not even bothering making builds for other platforms, but the source code is there if you want to compile it yourself and give it a try.

However, I must mention that the graphics from Michael and the music he composed for the game, during the jam, are outstanding.  A really impressive job.  It’s a pity that they couldn’t be used for a proper game, but I’m definitely looking forward to work with him again in the future.

Oh, and I forgot why did I choose that title for the game… but that’s the name of the repository and I’ll leave it like that 🙂


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