Choose your own ipsum

One of the first experiments I did with Twine.  I was wondering if I could do a stripped-down version of a choose-your-own-adventure game, reducing it to an even more minimalistic form.

The texts are randomly generated gibberish.  For generating them I used several public domain works taken from Project Gutenberg and fed them into a Markov generator.   The first room, though, is the classic Lorem Ipsum, which is already some Latin gibberish generated from some Cicero text, that typographers use for testing their fonts.

Despite nothing wanting to make sense in the game, it is still kind of fun to click around randomly, and find the easter eggs I’ve scattered around.  There are several endings, some good, some bad.  As with some of my other games, part of the fun is to connect the pieces of the puzzle and figure out the hidden meaning of what you see on screen.

Choose your own ipsum

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