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[abandoned] Throw it away

The theme I used as inspiration at the May 2012 Berlin Mini Game Jam was “Stuff you can throw”.  I started this game, called, unimaginatively, “Throw it away”, using Stencyl. Many years ago, as I was moving from a flat … Continue reading

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Choose your own ipsum

One of the first experiments I did with Twine.  I was wondering if I could do a stripped-down version of a choose-your-own-adventure game, reducing it to an even more minimalistic form. The texts are randomly generated gibberish.  For generating them … Continue reading

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[abandoned] Jolly Joy

This is a game that I started together with Michael Kessler on our September 2012 Berlin Mini Game Jam , with the theme “One button fighting”.  The idea was to make a 2-player, same-screen, 1-button game.  Each player controls one … Continue reading

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This is a game I made on the March 2013 jam, in our Berlin Mini Game Jam.  The theme was “out of control”.  It’s a game about a platonic romantic relationship.  The beating heart belongs to your friend, and you … Continue reading

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