[abandoned] GravityBattle & InteractiveShadows

Two javascript projects that never went anywhere.

Gravity Battle
Gravity Battle was a simple idea I came up with on the TIGjam’UK 2011.  The theme was “gravity”, so I though about making a kind of arena-platformer, for two players on the same computer.  I was worried that I didn’t have a code base for developing my games on top of it, since I had started experimenting with JavaScript / HTML5 back in that time.  So I thought that this idea would be a good excuse to start it.  The concept is that the players can manipulate gravity by activating the “stones” that accumulate over time, the goal is to push the other player into spikes or something that kills.  I never came around to implement actual hazards, but I was happy to have some basic platformer mechanics and collision detection in place, with a tilemap.  I spent too much time implementing the actual gravity mechanics and rotating the player sprites accordingly, and never got around to have a basic game.  Moreover, it’s hard to understand what’s happening in the screen in its current state, because it lacks a lot of visual feedback.  I spent one minijam in Berlin, some months later, implementing a level editor for it, but I soon lost any interest.

As you can see, I reused sprites of Never Guy and Into The Afterlife here.  This seems to be a pattern, every time I try to make a platformer using those tiles I end up abandoning it unfinished :).  Left player uses “ESDF” to move, “A” to cancel stone and “Q” to activate stone.  Right player uses cursor keys to move, “L” to discard stone, “K” to activate stone.  You have to click there for keyboard focus.

Interactive Shadows

And this was in one of our MiniJams.  Not many people showed up, we were 5 only.  Somehow everyone got excited about making one game all together.  A team of 5 sounds cool, but I must say it was quite a disaster.  For some reason, everyone except me was taking the role of “game designer”.  The theme was “shadows”, and they spent a great deal of time discussing some advanced design that I never quite understood.  One of the ideas was that there would be three types of monsters that could not step in the light, and the task of the player would be to move candles around to trap those monsters.  I had time to implement a rough concept of the lights and shadows engine that was required for the design, although when testing it I found out that the performance drops, specially on Firefox, when you have more than three lights at the same time.  The reason is probably that my implementation is quite bad.  Anyway, in a 8h jam with 1 programer, 4 designers and 0 graphic artists, there was no time to implement those monsters and other stuff I don’t remember from the design.

You can move with cursor keys (after clicking on the game with the mouse, for focus), and grab and release candles with space.  There is no gameplay, but you can see it as a tech demo of the concept of 2d light sources.

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  1. jigsawlady says:

    love the game. thanks for the article about Gravity Battle.

    Jigsaw puzzles

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