Shy Kid

This is a game I made on the October’12 Berlin Mini Game Jam.  One of the selected themes was “Panic”, and I had the idea of writing a story of a shy boy who has to confront his fears and socialize with other kids.  As I was writing it, I kept on exaggerating more and more for comedic effect, turning him completely sociophobic.

It’s an interactive fiction game written in Twine, a tool for creating “Choose your own adventure” style games.  As the situation progresses, the user has to choose between continuing or panicking.  There is a good ending, that you reach if you panic at the right time.  If you opt out too soon or too late, you get a bad ending.

Please forgive spelling / grammar mistakes, for I am not a native English speaker.  Also, if you are interested in the tool, I would like to recommend the excellent Anna Anthropy’s guide.

  • Twine game file (I used Twine’s export function here, when importing you will need to rearrange the blocks if you want to make sense of it )
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