On the 15th of July, half a month ago, we organized a spontaneous 5h minijam that we called the microjam.  The theme was “Copy and Paste”, and we were encouraged to reuse assets from other projects, or take Creative-Commons licensed resources from online.

What I did was to take an implementation of Tetris in SDL that I found on Sourceforge and start hacking it.  Fortunately, the project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license, which gave me the freedom to take and modify the code.

My changes were a literal interpretation of the theme “Copy & Paste”.  The game plays itself automatically, although it’s quite lousy as a player.  Your mission is to help him using CTRL+C, CTRL+X and CTRL+V.  With the mouse you can select pieces by clicking on them and then use the commands to copy or cut them and paste them around, making lines.

My code additions are quite a mess, I must confess, because at no point did I bother to organize or polish it, and it would benefit from a serious refactoring.  Instead, I concentrated on just hacking it and getting results quickly.  Also, I didn’t put any sound or music into it, if you want a soundtrack, I guess you can play the original Tetris tune in your browser while playing this version of the game.

Finally, I’d like to point you to a very interesting documentary that served as inspiration for this game: Tetris


Note: The reason why the Mac version is so huge in comparison is because it comes bundled with the libraries, one of them “FreeType”, which on its own is a whooping 11Mb.  I don’t know what’s inside that binary, but it seems to be multiarchitecture and maybe there’s even the Debug version embedded there.  Sorry about that, but that’s how it comes packaged from the SDL website.


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