Attack of the Cows from outer Space!

This is a small game we made in a team of 3 people:  Aurindam Jana, Iwan Gabovitch, and myself.  “From outer space” was the theme in the Minijam of July 21st.  Instead of aliens on UFOs kidnapping cattle, we decided to turn that upside down and have the cattle invading the alien planet.

We used the QML language, with the Qt library, and SDL_mixer for the audio.  Iwan made the graphics and all the sound effects himself, although for the background music we used a Creative Commons licensed song from OpenGameArt, called “Music Box Monster“, by a user called FoxSynergy.  It’s been a bit laborious to create executables for all the platforms, but I hope no one finds any nasty bug.  Enjoy.

Attack of the Cows from outer Space

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  1. qubodup says:

    The graphics are actually based on but were remixed quite a bit.

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