[abandoned] OktoberJam & Into The Afterlife

These are two little projects that were sitting on my hard disk, and I’ve decided to put them here as a way to “get rid of them”.

OktoberJam was my first contact with Stencyl.  As the title suggests, it was a small game that I started during our Minijam on October 2011, and I wanted to check out the possibilities of that software when it comes to make games.  There’s no AI for the enemies, they just stand there watching you hit them, and nothing to do once they’ve dissapeared.  I spent most of the time adjusting the collision boxes for the background, when I was doing that.  The tilemap was taken from OpenGameArt, it’s got a Creative Commons License.  The green and red dudes were sketched by me on Gimp.  A possible inspiration that was in the back of my mind was the classic Double Dragon.

Into The Afterlife was the next project with Stencyl, done at the January 2012 Minijam, just before the Global Game Jam.  I didn’t have much of an interesting idea, so I spent the time just laying out stuff with the map editor, using one of the tilesets that are available inside the Stencyl asset library (called StencylForge).  A source of inspiration was the game Karoshi.

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