Trap Runner

TrapRunner is a game I started together with David Cano, whom I met during one of the MiniJams we have in Berlin, on November 2011.  The theme was “traps”, so we went for a simple concept, about a frog that lives next to a volcano that suddenly erupts, so that the frog has to escape to save its life.  But because it’s running so fast, every obstacle is kind of a trap.  It’s a short but quite hard game, I’m apologizing in advance for all the frustration it will cause.  Originally I started coding it in Javascript, but I couldn’t find some bug that was my scrolling code to work properly, so three hours before the deadline of the jam I started again from scratch using Stencyl and could get quite far (since the concept is rather simple).  We’ve been trying to get this finished, maybe replacing the placeholder graphics, but unfortunately David is quite busy with other projects, so I decided to publish it anyway in its current state.

Also, progress is saved automatically, you don’t have to finish it in one sitting.  Enjoy.

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