Running Brushes update

I was going to edit the last post, but I’ll make a new post instead.

Since at least one person has expressed interest in the running brushes mini-app (thank you Qubodup!), I’ve taken a couple of afternoons last week updating it.  The new feature is a control panel you can bring in by clicking on the canvas.  It lets you tweak all the parameters that drive the algorithm in real time.  I think it can be fun to play around with it for a while.  With the right combinations you can achieve a variety of different effects, which is interesting.

The UI controls, that is, buttons and sliders, were quickly hacked by me a couple of days ago.  Which means, don’t expect anything polished.  If you see some glitches or unexpected behaviour, don’t be surprised.  They just provide the basic functionality.  Click around and experiment.  Also, I must mention that I haven’t written any instructions on how to use the controls, or what they mean.  You will have to figure it yourself by playing around with the parameters.

The only parameters that are not applied in real-time are the ones under the section “screen”.  The reason is that changing the value of one of them would require a clean/redraw of the screen, which would be annoying if it happened at each move of a slider.  In order to apply those parameters you have to press the button in that section, labelled “change screen”.

Here some examples of the kinds of tileable pictures you can achieve with the app:

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