Well, it’s been like a year since I updated this blog last time.  I set myself the rule of only posting about games I wanted to publish.  Even though I haven’t been inactive during this time, still I haven’t any finished projects I want to share yet.  But a lot of unfinished started ones.  Hopefully I will be able to revive the blog in the coming months, which means, finally post about those minigames that I’ve been doing and always need “one more feature”.

During the last weekend (27-29 of January 2012) I have helped organizing the Berlin site of the Global Game Jam 2012.  Somehow spontaneously, while the participants were already working in their projects, I kind of got excited and started making a game too.  I was talking with the main organizer, Thorsten  Wiedermann, and he came up with a cool idea for a small rhythm game that we could make.  Since I have been playing around with Stencyl over the last couple of months, I decided to go and try to implement his idea.  I had the enormous luck to meet a very talented artist, Michael Hussinger, who took care of the graphics.  This is what we got after a couple of days and one sleepless night.

DuneBite Screenshot

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