Dodo VS Darwin

This is a game I made during the Global Game Jam 2011 in Berlin.  It was a very exciting experience, we were about 30 people making games during that weekend.  Together with Max Dohme, Johann Scholz and a guy whose nickname is Volando we made a game about Dodos.  The gameplay is a bit simplistic, because we are aiming at a rather casual audience.  We wanted a game that can be picked up and played in just a few minutes.  I love the style of the graphics, a bit cubist, and I have to thank Johann for his great work in this regard.  Max and me were doing all the coding using Flixel, competing in who was quicker to push changes into the git repository, and getting really a lot done in a small time thanks to his proficience.  The sound FX were made on SFXR and the music was written partially by Volando, who also helped with the game design, and me.  I used Milky Tracker, while Volando was using PXTone.  I also want to thank the organizers of the GGJ, who were Marek and John in the Berlin site, for their great job.

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