[abandoned] Never Guy

This is a small project I started together with Ed during the TIG Jam UK 2, although not a part of a 3h jam.  I spent one of the jam days reading a Flixel tutorial.  This would be my first Flixel game, just to test the learned skills.  If you try this one you will probably recognise the wall blocks from the tutorial.

Heavily inspired by “I wanna be the guy” and “VVVVVV“, we decided we would try to make the hardest masocore platformer we could.  I started prototyping basic platformer building blocks and I wrote the code that forms the current “NeverGuy” prototype, which is right now nothing more than an unfinished proof of concept.  The title of this game was going to be “You will never be the guy”, thus “NeverGuy”.

The reason this project was abandoned was because we were both busy working on other projects, and we also kind of lost interest in this.   Not so much in the project itself, but at least I am not personally very attracted to the “masocore” genre.


  • You have to find out which one is the jump key in order to start playing.  No, I am not going to tell you.
  • The purpose of each screen is to reach the end (the rightmost, top corner of each map).  But there is no “goal” or anything happens once you get there (this is just a prototype), you will have to press ESC to get back to the main menu and choose another screen.  Sorry about that.
  • I know “VVVVVV” is not masocore, it’s just a platformer, but I was inspired by some review of the game that said something about muscle memory and Veni Vidi Vici.
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