[abandoned] Straty

This was going to be my entry for the TIGsource Assemblee competition.  This was a two-part competition.  In the first part, artists would produce assets for videogames.  Sprites, music, sound effects, etc.  For the second part, we, the coders, would take those assets and create games with them.  I, like most other participants, decided to use the wonderful sprites by Oryx for my characters and DBB’s buildings for the level map (unfortunately, it seems that DBB has taken his sprites out of the website as I am writing this post).

By that time I was interested in doing a multiplayer game, as I mentioned in the post about Vampiric Hate.  Still, no networking, but a two-player, same-computer game.  I started creating a RTS (realtime strategy) game for two players, where one would command the armies of soldiers and the other player would manage the “schools”, the buildings that produced more soldiers.  The two players would then have to collaborate against hordes of enemies that would try to attack the schools.  A kind of survival mode play.  If you want to try the unfinished prototype, the keys for player 1 are E-D-S-F for directions, and Z for select.  The keys for player 2 are the cursor keys and… there is no select yet.  I wrote most of the player 1 code, but the part of player 2 is still in the “to do” list.

The interface can be a bit confusing, but the reason is that I abandoned that project before starting to polish it.  I was also worried that I could not test the game well since I lack a second player to help me in that area, which meant that there was a risk of leaving the game unbalanced.

The reason I left it unfinished was lack of time.  The deadline for the competition was the second week of January.  What happened was christmas.  I thought I could spend the holidays working on this project.  But since I always go to visit my family on christmas, I just didn’t find a moment that I could dedicate to work on own projects.  No two hours in a row with some privacy and calm for concentration.

Anyway, I still think it’s a nice idea and, who knows?, maybe some day I’ll reboot this project again.

Also, the title “Straty” was a provisional name (short for “strategy”), coming up with a good name for the game was also in my to-do list.

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