Eat the croissant

This is a little game that we made in a 3-hour game coding competition during the Berlin Indie Jam ’09.  My team was composed by Don Andy ( sorry but I could not find his website ), who did almost all the coding and game logic, C418 who composed the music, qubodup, who drew the graphics, and myself, I also did some coding for importing the images and display them (very basic stuff).

The way these “minijams” work is like this:  We choose a theme randomly.  In this case it was “croissant”.  We can then go solo (make a game on your own) or form teams.  You have then 3 hours to make a game based on that theme.  The theme is supposed to serve only as inspiration, you are free to interpret it however you want, or even to ignore it completley and make an unrelated game.

The game was made in ActionScript and is a tribute to Don´t shit your pants.  Please keep in mind that the game was made in just three hours, the first of those I spent downloading FlashDevelop and the SDK and googling “how the hell do I program in this thing?”.

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